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AGEC: Agricultural Economics
AANB: Applied Animal Biology
APBI: Applied Biology
FNH: Food, Nutrition & Health
FOOD: Food Science
FRE: Food & Resource Ecomonics
GRS: Global Resource Systems
HUNU: Human Nutrition
LFS: Land & Food Systems
PLNT: Plant Science
SOIL: Soil Science
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Course Code Course Name Course Outline
AANB 515 Animal Welfare and Animal Ethics
AANB 530 Directed Studies
AANB 549 Master's Thesis
AANB 550 Topics in Animal Welfare
AANB 551 Tutorials in Animal Welfare Research
AANB 649 Doctoral Dissertation
AGEC 502 Topics in Food market Analysis
AGEC 520 Topics in Land and Forest Resource Economics
AGEC 530b Directed Studies
AGEC 549 Master's Thesis
APBI 100 Soil and the Global Environment
APBI 200 Introduction to Soil Science
APBI 210 Vascular Plants
APBI 222 Introduction to Horticulture
APBI 235 Biotechnology in Agricultural Food Production
APBI 244 Introduction to Biometeorology
APBI 260 Food & Environment I
APBI 265 Sustainable Agriculture and Food Systems
APBI 311 Animal Physiology I
APBI 312 Animal Physiology II
APBI 314 Animals in Society
APBI 315 Animal Welfare and the Ethics of Animal Use
APBI 316 Equine Biology, Health and Welfare
APBI 318 Applied Plant Breeding
APBI 322 Horticultural Techniques
APBI 324 Introduction to Seed Plant Taxonomy
APBI 327 Introduction to Entomology
APBI 328a Weed Science
APBI 342 Soil Biology
APBI 351 Plant Physiology
APBI 360 Food & Environment II
APBI 361 Key Indicators of Agroecosystem Sustainability
APBI 398 Research Methods in Applied Animal Biology
APBI 401 Soil Processes
APBI 402 Sustainable Soil Management
APBI 403 Soil Sampling, Analyses and Data Interpretation
APBI 410 Applied Animal Health and Physiology
APBI 411 Reproductive Physiology and Technology
APBI 413 Stress and Coping in Animals
APBI 414 Animals and Global Issues
APBI 415 Applied Animal Behaviour
APBI 416 Animal Welfare & Conservation Biology
APBI 418 Intensive Fish Production APBI_418.pdf
APBI 419 Fish Diseases APBI_419.pdf
APBI 426 Plant-Microbe Interactions
APBI 428 Integrated Pest Management
APBI 442 Grapevine and Berry Crop Biology
APBI 444 Agroforestry
APBI 460 Advanced Agroecology
APBI 490 Topics in Applied Biology
APBI 490: Section 002 Sustainable Fruit Production
APBI 490: Section 99C Principles of Aquaculture
APBI 495 Principles of Wildlife Management
APBI 496 Practicum in Applied Animal Biology
APBI 497 Directed Studies
APBI 498 Undergraduate Essay
APBI 499 Undergraduate Thesis
FNH 200: Term 01 Exploring Our Food
FNH 200: Term 02 Exploring Our Food
FNH 250 Nutrition Concepts and Controversies
FNH 300 Principles of Food Engineering
FNH 301 Food Chemistry I
FNH 302 Food Analysis
FNH 309 Food Process Science
FNH 313 Microorganisms in Food Systems
FNH 325 Food Science Laboratory I
FNH 326 Food Science Laboratory II
FNH 330 Introduction to Wine Science I
FNH 335 Introduction to Wine Science II
FNH 340 Food Theory
FNH 341 Food Theory Applications
FNH 342 Consumer Aspects of Food
FNH 350 Fundamentals of Nutrition
FNH 351 Vitamins, Minerals, and Health
FNH 355 International Nutrition
FNH 370 Nutrition Assessment
FNH 380 Professional Dietetic Practice I
FNH 381 Professional Dietetic Practice II
FNH 398 Research Methods in Human Nutrition
FNH 402 Functional Foods and Nutraceuticals
FNH 403 Food Laws, Regulations and Quality Assurance
FNH 413 Food Safety
FNH 425 Food Science Laboratory III
FNH 440 Food Service Systems Management
FNH 451 Nutrient Metabolism and Implications for Health
FNH 455 Applied International Nutrition
FNH 470 Foundations of Nutrition Care I
FNH 471 Human Nutrition Over the Life Span
FNH 473 Nutrition Education in the Community
FNH 474 Sport Nutrition
FNH 475 Foundations of Nutrition Care II
FNH 477 Nutrition and Disease Prevention
FNH 480 Professional Dietetic Practice III
FNH 481 Dietetic Internship I
FNH 497 Directed Studies
FNH 498 Undergraduate Essay
FNH 499 Undergraduate Thesis
FOOD 500 MSc Seminar
FOOD 510 Advances in Food Science
FOOD 511 Master of Food Science Workshops
FOOD 512 Hazard Analysis and Critical Control Point and Food Safety Management
FOOD 515 Fundamentals of Agri-Food Business
FOOD 520 Advances in Food Analysis
FOOD 521 Advances in Food Biotechnology
FOOD 522 Advances in Food Chemistry
FOOD 523 Advances in Food Microbiology
FOOD 524 Advances in Food Process Science
FOOD 525 Advances in Food Toxicology
FOOD 528 International Food Laws and Regulations
FOOD 529 Laboratory Methods in Sensory Evaluation
FOOD 530 Directed Studies
FOOD 531 Master of Food Science Practicum Project
FOOD 549 Master's Thesis
FOOD 600 PhD Seminar
FOOD 649 Doctoral Dissertation
FRE 295 Managerial Economics FRE_295.pdf
FRE 302 Small Business Management in Agri-food Industries
FRE 306 Introduction to Global Food Markets FRE_306.pdf
FRE 340 International Agricultural Development FRE_340.pdf
FRE 374 Land Economics FRE_374.pdf
FRE 385 Quantitative Methods for Business and Resource Management FRE_385.pdf
FRE 420 Trade and Domestic Policy in Global Food Markets FRE_420.pdf
FRE 460 Economics of Food Consumption FRE_460.pdf
FRE 490 Current Issues in Food and Resource Economics
FRE 501 Commodity Markets and Price Analysis
FRE 502 Food Market Analysis
FRE 504 Agricultural and Resource Policy Analysis FRE_504.pdf
FRE 505 Agricultural and Resource Policy Analysis—Policy and Project Evaluation Tools FRE_505.pdf
FRE 515 Agribusiness Management FRE_515.pdf
FRE 516 Financial and Marketing Management in Agri-food Industriesi
FRE 517 Futures Trading of Agricultural Commodities FRE_517.pdf
FRE 518 Survey Design and Data Analysis FRE_518.pdf
FRE 523 Resource Economics I FRE_523.pdf
FRE 526 Environmental Economics and Policy: Theory FRE_526.pdf
FRE 527 Environmental Economics and Policy: Empirical Studies FRE_527.pdf
FRE 528 Applied Econometrics
FRE 529 Estimating Econometric Models FRE_529.pdf
FRE 541 Project Monitoring & Evaluation in International Development FRE_541.pdf
FRE 547 Professional Communication Strategies and Graduating Project
GRS 290 Global Issues in Cultural Context
GRS 390 Global Issues in Cultural Context
GRS 397a Regional Directed Field Studies
GRS 397b Regional Directed Field Studies
GRS 490 Global Issues in Cultural Context
GRS 497b Regional Directed Field Studies
GRS 497e Regional Directed Field Studies
HUNU 500 Research Methods in Human Nutrition
HUNU 505 Current Issues in Applied Nutrition
HUNU 531 MSc Seminar
HUNU 547 Directed Studies
HUNU 549 MSc Thesis
HUNU 631 PhD Seminar
HUNU 649 Doctoral Dissertation
LFS 100 Introduction to Land, Food and Community
LFS 150 Scholarly Writing and Argumentation in Land and Food Systems
LFS 250 Land, Food and Community I
LFS 250 Land, Food and Community I - Online Section
LFS 252 Land, Food, and Community: Quantitative Data Analysis
LFS 302a International Field Studies: Summer Field Course, Cuba
LFS 302b International Field Studies: Summer Field Course, Indonesia
LFS 340 First Nations Health and the Traditional Role of Plants
LFS 350 Land, Food and Community II
LFS 400 Audio Storytelling
LFS 450 Land, Food, and Community III
LFS 490 Topics in Agricultural Sciences
LFS 496 Career Development Internship
LFS 500 Graduate Seminar
LFS 501 Approaches to the Integration of Knowledge
LFS 549 Master's Thesis
LFS 649 Doctoral Dissertation
PLNT 523 Graduate Research Seminar
PLNT 530 Directed Studies
PLNT 532 Advanced Insect Physiology
PLNT 540 Plant Molecular Biology Laboratory
PLNT 542 Grapevine and Berry Crop Biology
PLNT 549 Master's Thesis
PLNT 649 Doctoral Dissertation
SOIL 500 Graduate Seminar
SOIL 501 Advanced Soil Processes
SOIL 502 Advanced Sustainable Soil Management
SOIL 503 Advanced Soil Sampling, Analyses and Data Interpretation
SOIL 510 Land and Water Seminar
SOIL 512B Advanced Soil Biology
SOIL 514A Biometeorology
SOIL 515 Integrated Watershed Management
SOIL 516 Urban Watershed Management
SOIL 518 Water and International Development
SOIL 520 Agricultural Watershed Management
SOIL 524 Instrumentation for Biometeorology
SOIL 530 Directed Studies
SOIL 548 Major Project
SOIL 549 Master's Thesis
SOIL 550 Professional Communications Strategies
SOIL 649 Doctoral Dissertation

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